Thursday, June 9, 2016

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We have some special offers from Vectorworks USA exclusively for India…

1. We offer Vectorworks 2016 Architect + Renderworks Perpetual License ( Commercial - Without Watermark ) to Teachers as recommended in writing  by NIASA.  Teachers can use the License for their Commercial Practice. Can be upgraded any time at standard prices

Special Price: Rs. 49,900 + 14.5% +5% Taxes. Standard MRP is Rs. 2,16,500 + 14.5%+5%

* We expect Teachers to recommend their personal experience of Vectorworks  Software to the students at their Institution.

2. Student2Pro Licenses at a special price of Rs.39,900 ++ ( Vectorworks Fundamental + Renderworks ) and Rs. 49,900 ++ for (Vectorworks Architect + Renderworks ) within 2 years after  their completion of Academics.

* We need proofs of Academics & must have  attended a discounted on-line course for Rs.6,000 or a course at their institution.

3.  One Time Commercial Offer:  Rs.99,500 + + Taxes for Vectorworks Architect 2016 + Renderworks valid till Dec.2016.
Please feel free to call/ mail us for any query in this regard.

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K.Subramanian - Director
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Am a small time lighting designer from Bangalore. Am interested to buy the Spotlight software. May i know how much does it cost ? Are there any discounts for a small time practitioner ?
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Vinay Chandra P